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Today we are going to introduce one of the characters in the online game Diablo III who is one of the seven devil and is called the King of Lies.

🧟‍♀Belial the Demon!

Belial the Demon rises menacingly from a glowing pit of sulfur and brimstone. Is he here to judge our faults, haunt our dreams, or simply stalk us through a dark fantasy setting? His scaly texture, chitinous ridges and impressive horns make him one of our most popular masks to date, and we’re always impressed with the new ways customers choose to alter his appearance.

Feel the fear this mask could give to people.👇

  • 🎃Based on Demon 3's mask, it's a complete shell with the shape of a head.
  • 🎃It has a new hood cut to improve contours and comfort.

  • 🎃Use soft silicone materials and fabrics to make it very comfortable in contact with the skin.
  • 🎃The mask is very comfortable to wear, every detail perfectly reflects the characters in the film and has a professional appearance.

🔥We also have variants of this mask:

Granite Belial the Demon

Devil Clown

Red Clown

🎉See more mask variants above!


Male Fit mask (universal mask-self adjustable)

Demon gloves available.


  • Include: full face
  • Material:Premuim Silicone

Packaging: 1 * Demon Silicone Mask

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