Pet Toilet for Dogs Cat


Product Name: Pet toilet
Product Size: Small 48 * 36 * 3cm, large 64 * 44 * 3cm
Pallet material: PP plastic, non-toxic and tasteless, durable
Grille material: is made of soft PVC material, light, soft, corrosion-resistant, pet feet feel comfortable.
Column material: in order to meet the dog's special hobbies and manufacturing, the use of PP plastic, will not cause harm to people, pets.

Corrosion resistance, after 1000 times the test, super corrosion resistance.
Antibacterial material, extraordinary antibacterial deodorant effect, safe non-toxic.
No deformation, 120 kilos of the dog stand up all right.
Safe and durable, smooth surface, non-toxic and tasteless, durable.
Easy to train, in line with the dog toilet habit.
Home health, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, causing harm to their families.
Fixed-point toilet, so that dogs are used to fixed position, easy to clean.

1 * pet toilet