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Flippy Fishy cat toy(Buy 2 free shipping)


 It kicks just like a REAL fish when touched and stops itself when left alone.

Flippy Fishy is an amazing way for your cats to release energy! Make playtime more enjoyable by simulating their fish hunting instincts!

Electronic Cat Toy

This moving fish cat toy flops and wiggles automatically, bringing your cat a lots of fun

Easy USB Recharging

NO More Wasting Batteries, an eco-friendly choice!

Realistic Design

The fish kicker toy looks like a real fish. Choose from salmon, tuna, catfish, and carp. Your cat is going to love playing with these authentic looking fish toys, let’s start kicking!


Motion Detecting Motor Inside

Dances and waggles when played with, just like a fish straight out of water. Stops itself when left alone to save battery!

Quality Materials

Made of cotton and short plush, it's soft and will keep your cat’s paws and teeth safe. Perfect for biting, chewing and kicking. No chemicals or hazardous substances inside. Suitable for both cats and kittens.