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Woof Glider - Soft and safe indoor play toy for dogs


Soft and safe indoor play toy for dogs

Woof Glider is the indoor dog toy that your pet will love chasing around your home! Woof Glider has a specially-designed flat base and soft rubber bumpers that won't harm your dog’s teeth and prevents it from bouncing-up and damaging your home as they play. The built-in squeaker, bright colours and fun pattern attract and excite your dog’s natural pouncing urges. Suitable for most indoor surfaces like carpet, tiles and wood, to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe indoors.

Glides across hard floors and carpets

Woof Glider is designed to look like half a ball with a flat, smooth bottom surface that glides across hard or soft surfaces from hardwood to thick carpets. But why have half a ball when you can have a whole one? Well, a whole ball will roll but will also bounce. Woof Glider will glide but can’t bounce up so whereas a large ball would be pinging off your walls, knocking over objects and potentially smashing things, Woof Glider gives your dog all the fun of chasing a ball but without the damage an indoor ball could cause. The rubber construction and built-in bumper wont scratch or even scuff your walls and skirting boards so you can let your dog play indoors and not worry.

Encourages chasing, pushing and pouncing

The main benefit to dogs that Woof Glider has over other conventional dog chase toys and balls, is that the design, including the fun pattern, the squeak and the way that Woof Glider reacts to being jumped on and chased, actually encourages your dog to exercise the natural pouncing and pushing instincts that all dogs have retained since they evolved from wolves. This instinctive, subconscious urge will give your dog hours of fun chasing and pouncing on a toy that squeaks and skids away from it rather than a ball that would bounce and roll too quickly and unnaturally and wouldn’t bring out the hunting skills in your beloved pet.

Specially-designed rim lets any size of dog pick it up

If you’ve ever watched a dog, especially a small dog, try to pick up a ball then you’ll understand why we’ve designed Woof Glider to be easily lifted in the jaws of any size of dog. Dogs will always want to carry their favourite toy to their bed, or to another place where they can play, and a ball is almost impossible to pick up, at least without bursting it. Woof Glider has a rim that even the smallest dog can easily grab and take wherever it wants.